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Play Therapy

"Birds fly, fish swim, children play." 

- Garry Landreth


In a typical play therapy session, play is respected as a child's primary language and carefully selected toys become the main form of communication between the counselor and client.


Once a trusting relationship has been built between the counselor and child, the play therapy process supports children in understanding their experiences, exploring their worldviews and developing a balanced sense of self. 

Play therapy is effective for nearly all reasons a caregiver may seek mental health services for their child - big emotions, difficult behaviors, trauma or ongoing stress. The modalities that we use at Attuned Psychotherapy are evidence based and child-centered. This means that your child sets the pace for their healing. We do not offer "quick fix" behavior interventions - we seek to support the child and their environment as a whole.

Engagement with imagination, art, and play tap into different parts of the brain than traditional talk therapy. Many techniques effective with children are equally helpful for adults, especially those who have experienced childhood trauma. Individuals of all ages can benefit from various aspects of play therapy!

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